Why is a new Jail needed?

Since 2013, the State Chief Jail Inspector's reports have stated that the current jail, “Is an older facility that does not meet the needs of the staff or public."   In April 2014, Delbert Longley, Chief Jail Inspector, walked through the jail with the Sheriff, Board of Supervisors and other interested parties.  A lengthy list of notes included issues regarding classification requirements (e.g. persons with felony charges being kept away from those with misdemeanors, convicted persons kept from those who have been charged but not yet gone to trial, men segregated from women, etc.), visitation allows the public to come in to a secured area of the jail, jail office/booking area is in a secure perimeter of the jail, jail staff being exposed to volatile or irate inmates, the courtroom subject to being at risk in a volatile situation, potential for tampering with storage areas, cleaning supplies being potentially accessible, steel jail cells with bars and antiquated locks are just some of the many issues on the list causing deficiencies and sub-par standards with our facility.  

We are currently licensed for 14 beds with a holding cell for short term occupancy.  Oftentimes, we are transporting inmates to other facilities, not necessarily because we don't have a bed, but rather in order to meet the classification requirements mentioned above with only the four cells available.  Recent peaks have reached 27 beds needed to accommodate our jail needs. 

The condition of the Floyd County jail has been considered a "grandfathered" status for years.   In 2014, Longley informed us that we would be losing our grandfathering in the next 10-15 years and it was time to get a plan together on how we would move forward.  Renovate the existing facility?  Hold & transport?  Build a new facility?  Those were our options.  After four years of studies with multiple considerations including other needs of the courthouse, the cost to build new appears to be the most fiscally responsible option.

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1. Why is a new Jail needed?
2. Are the plans for just a jail?
3. What is the total project cost?
4. What is the cost to taxpayers?
5. Have officials done their homework?
6. Who is responsible for the jail?
7. Why is the project being planned now?
8. When will the project begin?
9. What will happen if we do nothing?
10. What is the cost of delaying the project?
11. Can the current Jail and Sheriff's Office be remodeled?
12. Can we tour the Jail and Sheriff's Office?
13. Where will the new facility be built?
14. How was the size of the facility determined?
15. Why not wait to build and would it save money?
16. Who is held in the jail?
17. Who oversees the Sheriff and Jail Administrator of the jail?
18. How will a new facility be different?
19. What safety/security issues does the current jail have?
20. What current issues does the Sheriff's Office have?
21. What is PREA and what impact is there on the Floyd County Jail?
22. Will this facility house the Charles City Police Department?
23. If the Jail and Sheriff's Office had been better maintained, would a new law enforcement center still be needed?
24. Why connect to the courthouse?
25. How does the law enforcement center compare in size to the current facility?
26. Why is the Communications Center being relocated?
27. Is this situation unique to Floyd County?
28. Where can I find more information on this project?