Why is the Communications Center being relocated?

The Communications Center dispatches for all of Floyd County and is currently funded through a county-wide tax.  A Facility Study by FEH listed several issues with the building itself; including mechanical, electrical, fire code, roof, doors, windows and  ADA compliance.  The City of Charles City is uncertain on future plans for the Police Department/City Hall building.  With the county currently having a location, plan and design for a future facility, Floyd County is exploring the option to relocate the Communications Center in the new facility.  The proposed new location will meet and exceed state standards for space requirements, ADA compliant as well as the addition of new and updated equipment.

Being located next to the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) is an integral part of any natural disaster or major emergency operation.  The two work hand in hand and are essential in the efficient gathering and release of information.  There is also a benefit and possibility of cross training between dispatchers/correctional officers.  

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1. Why is a new Jail needed?
2. Are the plans for just a jail?
3. What is the total project cost?
4. What is the cost to taxpayers?
5. Have officials done their homework?
6. Who is responsible for the jail?
7. Why is the project being planned now?
8. When will the project begin?
9. What will happen if we do nothing?
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13. Where will the new facility be built?
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21. What is PREA and what impact is there on the Floyd County Jail?
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23. If the Jail and Sheriff's Office had been better maintained, would a new law enforcement center still be needed?
24. Why connect to the courthouse?
25. How does the law enforcement center compare in size to the current facility?
26. Why is the Communications Center being relocated?
27. Is this situation unique to Floyd County?
28. Where can I find more information on this project?