In 2009 Floyd County Emergency Management received a grant to install three river gauges at a cost of $17.581.00. This grant was due to the June 2008 flood. At the time of the 2008 flooding the only river gauge on the Cedar River north of Floyd Co. was at Austin, MN. During the 2008 flood this was no help to Emergency Management because most of the rain that fell was south of Austin. 

The gauges will be used to help set up an early warning system on the three major waterways in the County (Cedar River, Shell Rock River, and the Winnebago River). The gauges will help to better prepare for future flooding and give Emergency Management, the County, and the Cities a better idea of when the flooding will occur so they can start evacuation procedures if necessary. Two of the River Gauges (Cedar and Shell Rock) are also equipped with rain gauges. 

Floyd County has also partnered with the National Weather Service to share the river gauge data with them, so they are able to better predict future flooding events on the three rivers.

Links for the National Weather Service
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To view river levels click below. When you get to the map you can click on the pin on the map and see the history of that gauge.     

River Gauges