Floyd County Government
County government in Iowa serves dual purposes:  to provide state services and to determine local service needs. Counties across the country are diverse in the way they are structured and how they deliver services to communities.  The citizens of Iowa voted by a large majority in 1978 to approve an amendment to the Iowa constitution granting counties home rule authority which gave counties the power to decide their own structural, functional and fiscal organization. 

Floyd County provides vital services to ensure a safe, healthy and resilient community.  Real estate mapping, property valuation, elections, tax levies, health programs, mental health resources, care for veterans, public awareness, birth certificates, marriage licenses, jail administration, public safety, drivers licenses, vehicle titles/registrations, camping, hunting, fishing, parks, disaster planning/response, public defense, road and bridge construction and maintenance are just some of the services you will find in here.  
Property taxes are the main source of income for counties and make up approximately 43% of their budget statewide.  Although you pay your property taxes to the Floyd County Treasurer, the share that actually stays at the county government level is about 22% of your payment.  Schools receive nearly 42% and cities over 29%.  Some of the other recipients of property tax payments are community colleges, Ag Extension, and townships.  (The above percentages are based on 2014 data and are subject to change each year.)
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Below is a typical organization chart for county government.