Environmental Health

Mission Statement

Floyd County Environmental Health (FCEH) strives to meet preventive healthcare goals for the citizens of Floyd County. The department's goal is to reduce or eliminate environmental health risk factors that cause human suffering, disease or injuries. FCEH accomplishes these goals through consultation, education, inspections, investigations, and enforcement. Some of the areas covered by FCEH include: Drinking Water Supply, Air Quality, Private Septic Systems, Nuisance Complaints and Disaster Response.


We commit, through personal and organizational excellence, to improve the environmental health of Floyd County

Duties of the Department

  • Issues well permits for all private wells
  • Collects water samples from private wells
  • Oversees the plugging of abandoned wells and cisterns, as well as the rehabilitation of wells
  • Issues permits for private sewage disposal systems and inspects each system that is installed in the county
  • Performs time of transfer inspections
  • Investigates environmental and nuisance complaints
  • Completes various other environmental and public health duties

Nuisance Ordinance & Complaints

Septic Systems & Well Permit Fees

Fees for a septic permit are $300 effective January 1, 2018, well permits are $200 and must be paid to the County Sanitarian prior to any work commencing. Access ordinances and procedures concerning the installation of septic systems for more information.



The county also reimburses up to $500 for the closing of an abandoned private well, up to $300 for a cistern plugging, and up to $1,000 for a private well reconstruction. A bill must be submitted to the County Sanitarian before a reimbursement check can be issued.