Building Permits

About the Permit

The Planning and Zoning Department issues building permits or zoning certificates to property owners who are erecting a new building or structure on a parcel located in the unincorporated areas of Floyd County, Iowa.

The Floyd County Zoning Ordinance (PDF) states that "zoning certificates shall be obtained from the department before starting or proceeding with the erection, construction, moving in, or the structural alteration of a building or structure."

Application Submissions

In order to obtain a building permit or zoning certificate, an applicant must submit:

Permit Fees

The building permit fee will be based on the contractor’s estimate and if an estimate is not available, it will be based on the square footage of the proposed building or structure. There are also minimum setback requirements for each zoning district located on page two of the Site Plan.

Review Process

Upon receiving the building permit application and site plan, the Planning and Zoning Department will:
  • Ensure that the required setbacks are met
  • Confirm that the use of the structure is allowed in the zoning district in which it will be located
  • Decide whether a septic and/or well permit will be required
  • Conclude if the building or structure will or will not be located in the floodplain
  • Determine what the building permit fee will be for