Clerk of Court

District Court

  • Located on 3rd floor of Court House
  • Court day - Every other Monday

Associate District Court

  • Located on 3rd floor of Court House
  • Court day - Tuesday in the morning

Magistrate Court

  • Located on 4th floor of Court House
  • Court days - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am to noon.


View the Staff Directory to see those serving in various roles in the Clerk of Court.

General Duties

  • Custodian of court documents for Floyd County
  • Process payments of child support/alimony
  • Criminal fees
  • Court Fees
  • Process:
    • Civil law / equity / adoptions
    • Court Fees
    • Criminal charges including city and county municipal infractions
    • Criminal Fees
    • Dissolutions
    • Domestic relations
    • Juvenile proceedings (CINA/delinquency/termination of parental rights)
    • Mental / substance abuse court committals
    • Payments of child support/alimony
    • Probate including conservatorships, guardianships, and trusts
    • Small claims / forcible entry actions
    • Traffic Citations
  • Responsible for jury panels which are chosen every three months from voting and driver's license records

Paying Traffic Tickets

This task will never be fun, but now it's more convenient. The Iowa Judicial Branch has added a fine payment feature to its menu of online services, which enables payment of fines and court fees assessed for scheduled and other simple misdemeanor violations. The free service accepts credit card payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for violations occurring anywhere in Iowa.