Budgets, Levy Rates, Valuations & Audit Reports

Additional Budget Information
Visit the Iowa Department of Management Website to see additional budgets and financial reports for all types of government budgets.
FY23 Property Tax Rates

VALUATIONS (with combined levy rates)

FY23 Valuations-Taes-Levy Rates


Additional Audit Report Information
Visit the  Iowa State Auditor's Office to see additional budgets and financial reports for the state of Iowa.
Here's more levy information for cities, schools, colleges, Ag Extension, Assessor, townships, and Bangs &TB
  1. Gloria A. Carr

    County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

  2. Auditor

    Physical Address
    101 S Main Street
    Suite 302
    Charles City, IA 50616

    Fax 641-257-6117

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