Veterans Transportation

Many sick and disabled veterans lack transportation to, and from VA medical facilities for needed treatment. The DAV operates a nationwide Transportation Network to meet this need. The network is administered by DAV Hospital Service Coordinators (HSCs) at the VA's 172 medical centers across the nation. The DAV has donated vans, where needed, to make the program work.

Floyd County VA van

Floyd County takes part in this service and has a van donated to provide rides for our veterans to the VA Medical Center (VAMC) facilities, Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs), or VA-authorized appointments. Our county DAV van drivers are volunteers and do not receive payment for the services they provide. We lease our van from the Iowa City Voluntary Services. We pay a yearly fee to have this van in our parking lot. The Floyd County Veterans Affairs does accept any donations that would like to be put towards our van fees.  

How can I ride the Floyd County VA Van? 

Veterans or family members need to call 641-228-1850 to get their names down on our van calendar. Most veterans meet at the Floyd County courthouse parking lot (where the van is parked) to catch their ride. We have picked veterans up at the Nashua Casey’s store, Plainfield, and Waverly on the way down to the Waterloo CBOC/Iowa City VAMC. The volunteer drivers have also picked up riders at Floyd, Rudd, and Nora Springs, if the van is going to the Mason City CBOC/Des Moines VAMC. This service is provided at no cost to the veterans, or their families.

Does every county have a veteran's van service? No, but they could.

Meet Our Certified Drivers

  • AL Williams
  • Dave Paulus
  • Robert Mondt
  • Gary Quint
  • Doug Nelson
  • Cliff Salmons
  • Scott Cline
  • Curtis Keifer
  • Duane Kilby
  • AL Aird
  • Dennis Raab
  • James Tupy
  • Arthur Ernst
  • Phil Hess
  • Mark Schmidt
  • James Sanner
  • Hal Kelleher
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Our volunteer van drivers dedicate their busy schedules to accommodate our local office, and to serve the veterans in need of a ride to their medical appointments. Many of our drivers are veterans themselves. It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate our volunteers and their supportive spouses. They dedicate many days to us being on the road.

The volunteer van drivers and their spouses meet quarterly for a breakfast get-together. This gives them time to reflect over the past three months as to what new issues may have ascended and to discuss as a team better strategies. Our team has become a family who enjoys each other away from this office. If you would like to give back to the veterans in Floyd County and become a volunteer van driver call: 641-228-1850.

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All of our drivers are certified drivers and have had background checks, and physicals through voluntary services at the VAMC in Iowa City, Iowa. They are notified when their license is getting close to expiring, and when their personal vehicle insurance needs to be updated on file.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Liability issues cause us to not have a wheelchair lift in our van.
  • Veterans riding on our van are responsible for finding a chauffeur to ride with them, if they are unable to get in, and out of the van by themselves. They are responsible to bring a chauffeur when they need someone to sign off on their care. Procedures that may require a release of care form signed (surgeries).
  • If you are unable to ride our van on the morning of your appointment please call the van number to notify the driver you will not be riding at 319-594-8947.  
  • Our services are on a first come first serve with who needs to ride the van. We do not have a set schedule for where our van will go on a daily basis. We do consider a veteran's urgency and medical conditions as a priority to the van scheduling.
  • Drivers and riders are called the day before to confirm their van trip to a VAMC, CBOC, or VA-authorized appointment.    

Local Van Services with Wheel Chair Lifts

  • Renee's Loving Care: Phone: 641-220-0455