Floyd County Veterans General Assistance

This office is funded by Floyd County tax dollars. Delegated funds for assistance is implemented by our Floyd County commissioners. They set the standards. Every county is different with their funding sources, and what they can provide for services. Our general assistance focuses on Floyd County veterans, and their spouses.  This general assistance provides temporary assistance for basic needs. Individuals and families who are at risk due to a temporary crisis, mental or physical incapacity, and who meet income guidelines may be assisted. We are not a hand out, but a hand up.  We have a zero tolerance for individuals who abuse our funding.   

Good examples of asking for help:

“My utility company just served me a shut off notice, and I am already $300 behind on my current bill.”  

“I am struggling with my job due to my PTSD, I will be an inpatient when my bill comes due.”  

“I fell and broke my hip, and I have created more medical expense than normal this month.”

“My water heater went out, I am on a fixed income, my funds are falling short this month.”

Bad examples of asking for help: 

“I am a vet so I deserve this assistance.”

“The VA needs to take care of me.”

“I pay my tax dollars so I should be able to get some money back by using this benefit.”

“I spent too much on Christmas presents, and now I cannot afford to pay my landlord.”  

To be considered for general assistance: 

  • Have an Honorable Discharge (DD214)
  • Be a resident of Floyd County
  • Meet income guidelines are established. Proof of income required. Household income and size considered, effort from veteran to acquire employment considered- depending on the age of the veteran. Our income guidelines are identical to the Floyd County Social Services.  
  • Fill out our application for assistance 
  • Be willing to apply for other state, and federal benefits available 
  • Be willing to get involved with Iowa Works 

 Our general basic emergency assistance:   

  • Utilities
  • Rent
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency Dental
  • Indigent Burial

What we cannot:

  • Provide bonds for incarcerated veterans 
  • Use assistance to pay on a mortgage
  • Pay towards utility/rent without the veteran and/or spouses name on the bill
  • Children of veterans are not considered a candidate for general assistance from this office 


Floyd County General Assistance: Contact Bob Lincoln, Department of Human Services, 1206 S. Main Street, 257-6363 8am-12pm/1:00pm-4:30pm Monday-FridayAreas of Assistance: Rent Utilities Medical Hospital NO Deposits *Must be a Floyd County Resident (for at least one year)

North Iowa Community Action: Contact Krista, 603 Beck Street, 228-2893/1-800-873-1899 8:30am-12:00pm/1:00pm-4:30pm Tue, Wed, ThursdayAreas of Assistance: Energy Bills (Nov. 1st –April 15th) Utility Deposits (no water) *Must be a Floyd County Resident

Charles City Housing Authority: 501 Cedar Terrace South, 228-6661 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-FridayAreas of Assistance: Public Housing Units-North & South Cedar Terrace Apartments & Morningside Apartments Section 8 Voucher Program *Application process-no immediate assistance available

Messiah’s Food Pantry: 102 N. Main- 228-7022 (Entrance on East Side)  Monday & Friday 12:00pm-3:00pm  Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm - Income based guidelines *May only receive assistance once every 30 days *Must be a Floyd County Resident *Photo ID required with current local address to receive assistance.

Our Brother’s Keeper Program: **By appointment only** – Call 228-5368 Trinity United Methodist Church 601 Milwaukee 8:30am-12:00pm/1:00pm-4:00pm Monday-Thursday 8:30am-12:00 FridayAreas of Assistance: Utilities Rent Food Vouchers – must have contacted food box first NO Deposits NO Phone Bill *May only receive assistance 1 time per 12 month period *Must be a Charles City resident for 6 months

Ministerium Helping Hand Fund: **By appointment only – call 228-5368 Trinity United Methodist Church 601 Milwaukee Street 8:30am-12:00pm/1:00pm-4:00pm Monday-Thursday 8:30-12:00 FridayAreas of Assistance: Utilities NO Deposits NO Phone Bills NO Back Rent *Must be a Floyd County Resident *May only receive assistance 1 time per 12 month period

St. John’s Needy Fund: **Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:00 am only St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 228-3397 200 S. MainAreas of Assistance: Food/Hygiene Vouchers – must contact food box first Gas Vouchers – must have medical appointment or be going to job interview NO Deposits NO  First Month Rent NO Phone Bills *Must be a Floyd County resident with current photo identification

Salvation Army: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 228-3397 200 S. Main 8:00am-12:00pm/1:00pm-4:00pm Monday-FridayAreas of Assistance: Rent – Eviction notices only NO Deposits NO Phone Bills NO First Month Rent *Must be a Floyd County Resident *May only receive assistance 1 time per 12 month period

ASSISTANCE IN THE CHARLES CITY AREA St. John’s Clothing Room **By Appointment Only 228-3397Areas of Assistance: Clothing *Must be a Floyd County Resident

Crisis Intervention Services Outreach Office 641-228-0015 24 Hour 1-800-479-9071Areas of Assistance: Victims of physical or domestic abuse, sexual assault

Immaculate Conception Church Tithe Fund: Hwy 18 & Clark St. Contact Sister Diana or Father Carl, 228-1071 8:30am-12:00pm/1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday Areas of Assistance: Food Vouchers Gas Vouchers *Must have a valid Floyd County Photo I.D.

Bethany Alliance Church: 1100 Clinton, 228-1318 9:00am-12:00pm/1:00pm-3:00pm Monday-FridayAreas of Assistance: Funds for rent or utilities Food Vouchers Clothing, furniture, household items

Local organizations we partner with:

We work closely with Floyd County Social Services, and use the same income guidelines for acquiring benefits. We have a list of area local churches that can possibly help provide assistance depending on what their guidelines state.  Toys for Tots - a proactive organization that can provide help during the holiday months. The American Legion Auxiliary provides assistance to our veterans by getting the community involved in raising money for our local veterans. Every year the American Legion Auxiliary helps to provide different programs to our veterans with the funds they have acquired. They have also provided food baskets during the holiday months.    The Charles City Elks Lodge #418 has earned grant money that is solely used for veterans in Floyd County, and neighboring counties during the holiday months. They have also provided food baskets during the holiday months.  Family Alliance for Veterans of America (FAVA) is our supportive services for veteran families (SSVF).  The purpose of the SSVF program is to assist homeless veterans and their families; veterans at risk of homelessness.  The Charles City Chamber of Commerce helps to promote our services, and programs out of this office.  They are advocates for our events, and gatherings.  The Charles City Area Development Corporation has made us a "Home Base Iowa" County.  New home loan incentives have been established for veterans living, or moving into Floyd County wanting to purchase a home. If they have never owned a home in the last five years in Floyd County.  This program was blessed by the governor of Iowa recognizing that we are a military friendly county.  Acknowledging that we are a Home Base Iowa County means we are improving our veteran benefits and extending them in other directions.  Employers in Floyd County are to take this into consideration when filling positions, by utilizing our skilled military individuals.