Military Service Records

Recording Discharge Papers

Discharge papers (DD214s) may be recorded for permanent records and certified to perfect claims. In order to obtain a certified copy the original document must be presented for recording. The DD214 must be recorded before military exemption is applied toward property tax reduction.

Certified Copies

If the DD214 military discharge has been misplaced or destroyed, a certified copy may be obtained from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri or from another Custodian of Record listed on the Request Pertaining to Military Records Form.

You may obtain the request form from the Recorder's Office or download a copy from the National Archives and Records Administration at the National Archives website.

Confidential Records

Effective July 1, 2003 all military personnel records maintained by the county recorder will be confidential records. Unless otherwise provided by the veteran, the record shall not be made available for examination or copying except as follows:
  1. To the veteran or the veteran's immediate family or to the veteran's agent or personal representative duly authorized in writing
  2. To a person requesting to examine or copy the record when the event that resulted in the record being made occurred more than 75 years prior to the request
  3. To a licensed funeral director who has custody of the body of the deceased veteran
  4. When ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction
  5. When required by a department or agency of the federal or state government or a political subdivision thereof
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